rons_pigwidgeon: The only student Voldemort ever hugged. (ACS: Wash your mouth out!)
Currently editing Department to archive it on ao3, and holy crap, guys, why didn't you tell me how bad the SPAG was? And WHY DIDN'T ANYONE MENTION THAT EVERY ONE OF THE FORMS HAD AFFECT INSTEAD OF EFFECT IN IT?!

Ahem, some of that might be residual rage from Phillip Seymour Hoffman dying.

EDIT: Also, apparently I made Hermione a jerk. Editing that right out of there. Wow, 2005!Mallory. Way to be an asshole.

EDIT 2: Living in England really made me hate America for a while. Wow. How does anyone like this story? I was an asshole.

EDIT 3: I think I'm just gonna liveblog editing this. Why did I include so much of Seamus-I'm-very-straight-Finnigan? He had exactly 0 affect on Draco's personality and character development. He didn't serve the plot at all. Would anyone be opposed to me taking his character out altogether? Draco's going to America to meet Smith either way.

EDIT 4: Why did I have Draco sleep with Leopold? He made him physically uncomfortable before they ever even kissed.

EDIT 5: Yeah, Seamus is going.

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