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I spent my first morning of Comic Con manning James Marters' booth (which was conveniently located across from William Shatner's booth), only to be sent immediately to Tom Felton's booth, and then to his panel session, which I got to sit in on. That's right people. I got to man Tom Felton's booth! I stood within one foot of him for long periods of time! And I got to see his panel, where he talked at length about fanfiction and tried to deny that he's read a lot of it. And also became someone's tree-hugging friend. That part was a littler weird.

It was exhausting, and I have two massive blisters, and I didn't get to take any pictures, but it was still the best day I've had in a while! I can't wait to go back tomorrow!
rons_pigwidgeon: The only student Voldemort ever hugged. (Default)
I've never been to a comic book convention, but I'm going this year to Chicago Comic Con. I've put in a request to volunteer at the event, but I'm going even if they won't let me be a volunteer (it would look nice on my resume, though). The main reason I'm going is this:

Tom Felton

Anyone else going?

In other news, the Supernatural finale happened last night, and while I was utterly confused for a minute there, I very excited about where season 8 is going to go!

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